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Date: Tue Apr 4 11:05:10 2006
Subject:  Goi Ban PTDT
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A Di Da Phat

Mot vay cau thi cung khong giai thich y nghia. May tram may van cau cung khong the giai thich loi Phat day co Ma.t nghia tham sau.
chi? dung su hieu biet nho nho? cua chung ta ma` muong giai thich chung' minh "Phat Tanh"' la chuyen buon cuoi thoi.....Ban muon dem cai Tam Vo Minh, cai nhin cai' thay truoc' mat' nho be' ma` muong giai thich chung "Phat Tanh" cho' con....ui dzui cha oi....Neu co giai thich duoc thi cung biet duoc so sai thoi.

Cau hoi thi cung chang co giup ich toi chuyen Tu Hanh, Khong lo boi duong Phat Tanh cua chinh minh ma` lo thac' ma'c hoi chuyen Vo' Van~.

Ban noi may thang' truoc day Cau hoi cho' con co' Phat Tanh? Toi khong co' de Y va cung khogn co' doc....Tai gi cac' ban trong day cu' chanh nhau ma` dem su hieu biet nho nho ma dau giai lan nhau... Chap' vao su hieu biet nho nho cua minh ma muong giai mat nghia tham sau.

Noi Nhieu qua Tam se bi roi' loan.......chi hieu biet chuyen truoc mat minh nen la dem Tam Thanh Thinh di thi tu tu se khong con thac mac nua thoi......Tai sao phai thac mac hoi chuyen vo' van roi` Sanh Phie`n nao~

Xin Khong co nhieu thi gio tro chuyen nua.....

A Di Da Phat.

A Di Da Phat

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