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Date: Mon Apr 3 20:59:26 2006
Subject:  Gui ban Gop Y
Post No:  2911    

## Neu' chung' ta chiu. het long nghe loi lam theo loi Phat day. Nhu Pha'P Tu Ha`nh do' la` Phat Tanh roi`. Tu tat' ca? thie.n, lia tat ca? a'c, bo? ta't ca? nhie?m o^ phie`n nao~, Ta` Tri Ta` kie'n quay ve^` Cha'nh Gia'c ddo' la` Pha^.t Ta'nh........neu' do' khong pha?i la` Pha^.t Ta'nh vay. la` gi` day?....

Pha^.t nghi~ la` Gia'c Ngo^' la` nghi~a can. co.t vay. ma` Ban khong hieu?

Ban. co`n muong' chung' minh nhung the' nao` la` chung Sinh moi' co' Phat Tanh'.

Qua' la ro nhu vay ma con` chung minh gi nua. ##
Ma^'y tha'ng tru+o*'c ba.n XTH vie^'t chi tie^'t ro~ ra`ng ma` va^~n chu+a chu+'ng minh dduoc Pha^.t ta'nh co' hay kho^ng. Nay ban vie^'t chi? co' va`i do`ng thi` la`m sao ma` sa'ng to? dduoc. Ba.n no'i li`a bo? nhie^~m o^ phoe^`n na~o la` Pha^.t ta'nh, nhu+ va^.y kho^ng li`a dduoc nhie^~m o^ phie^`n na~o thi` kho^ng co' Pha^.t ta'nh. Va^.y nga~ qui? co' Pha^.t ta'nh kho^ng? Ma^'y tha'ng tru+o*'c hi`nh nhu+ Pha^.t ddu+'c co' la^.p la.i ca^u ho?i tu+` nga`n na(m tru+o*'c la` "Con cho' co' Pha^.t ta'nh kho^ng?" ma` kho^ng ai tra? lo*`i dduoc.
Nam Mo^ Dia Vu+o*ng Bo^` Ta't.

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