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Date: Mon Apr 3 18:03:13 2006
Subject:  Goi ban PTDT
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A Di Da Phat

Co' le Toi da hieu sai.

Loi Phat noi tren mat chu thi thay don giang, nhung Y tham sau trong do khong ai hieu duoc. Neu ma dem tam Tri Kien, Kien giai am suy luan giai loi Phat thi vo dung thoi.
Toi chi? muon gop chut Y tham hieu nho nho hy vong co the giup ban Pham Phu thoi.

"Ma^'y tha'ng tru+o*'c dda^y co' ba.n XTH va` Pha^.t ddu+'c dda~ tha?o lua^.n ve^` va^'n dde^` na`y; chu+a co' ai chu+'ng minh dduoc la` chu'ng sinh co' Pha^.t ta'nh. "

Toi nghe Ban noi cau tren Toi thay thuong dum Ban.
Ban khong tin Pha.t.
Ban muong chung minh nhu the' nao`?

Neu' chung' ta chiu. het long nghe loi lam theo loi Phat day. Nhu Pha'P Tu Ha`nh do' la` Phat Tanh roi`. Tu tat' ca? thie.n, lia tat ca? a'c, bo? ta't ca? nhie?m o^ phie`n nao~, Ta` Tri Ta` kie'n quay ve^` Cha'nh Gia'c ddo' la` Pha^.t Ta'nh........neu' do' khong pha?i la` Pha^.t Ta'nh vay. la` gi` day?....

Pha^.t nghi~ la` Gia'c Ngo^' la` nghi~a can. co.t vay. ma` Ban khong hieu?

Ban. co`n muong' chung' minh nhung the' nao` la` chung Sinh moi' co' Phat Tanh'.

Qua' la ro nhu vay ma con` chung minh gi nua.

" Phat Ta'nh la` Gia'c ma` Kho^ng Me^
Cha'nh ma` Khong Ta` " Quay ve Tu. Ta'nh . Tu Ta'nh Di Da "

A Di Da Phat

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