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Date: Sun Nov 20 12:54:48 2005
Subject:  Gui ban Phu'c So*n ? Nirvana
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Ba.n vie^'t, "....I, for one, beg to differ with this statement of yours. I don't know whether it is during your ecstatic moment that you had made a typo error or not. Enlightenment is one thing, while Nirvana is another thing.
Nirvana is a state that can only be reached by enlightened people. However, a person, who reaches enlightenment, does not have to enter Nirvana.

The Pure Land dharma practice does not lead to, or shall I say, does not encourage practitioners to enter Nirvana.
Nirvana, to put in a nut shell, is a state of no birth and no death. Once you are in there, you are in eternal bliss, but you would no longer have interaction with living beings or have the capability to save, preach and help living beings.
Buddhas don't want to enter nirvana. They said they enter nirvana, but they don't really do so. Check out the Lotus Flower, ....."

DDo.c ba`i cu?a ba.n ai cu~ng tu+o*?ng la` ba.n ra`nh Nirvana la('m. Ne^'u Pha^.t kho^ng "enter Nirvana" thi` Pha^.t kho^ng gia?ng gi` ve^` no' he^'t. Ne^'u Pha^.t gia?ng ve^` no' thi` Pha^.t no'i khoe't ro^`i. Co`n co' chu'ng sinh "enter Nirvana" thi` ho. se~ kho^ng tro*? la.i (theo lo*`i ba.n) dde^? no'i cho ba.n bie^'t. Va^.y ma` ba.n bie^'t no' la` ca'i gi` thi` to^i cu~ng phu.c. Cha('c la` pha'p mo^n Phu'c So*n. qua'.

Nam Mo^ Dia Vu+o*ng Bo^` Ta't.

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