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Date: Sat Jun 29 00:34:03 2002
Subject:  Buddhism
Post No:  985     Reply to:   984

I think that some Buddhist have associated Buddhism as a religion whenever beneficial, and as a teaching otherwise, but I understand your point. I apologize for miss quoting the teaching of Buddha, but please tell me in detail so I can avoid making the same mistake in the future.

Let say I have a pill that is believed to have the power to cure whatever sickness you might have. Of course, you yourself must take the pill to be cure. Would you take the pill without fully understanding all the consequences?

I see that we have a different in opinions. You are telling me not to think too much about the destination, just go and you will get there. I, on the other hand, prefer to know where Iím going prior to departure. If I know where Iím going and why I want to go there, the journey would be very quick and without hesitation.

Why so many Buddhist claimed to know where they are going, but hesitate to leave?

Could it be that the human race has adapted to the suffering described by the Buddha? We fear sickness and death, but we have accepted this truth. We mourn, but we moved on. We want more, and at the same time we have the ability to enjoy what we already have. Being parts of this materialistic world have clouded us from the truth, but it also distracted us from the suffering mentioned.

Atlas, if you know where you are going, what is holding you back?

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