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Date: Sat May 25 03:22:36 2002
Subject:  Tieu Su H.T. Quang Kham
Post No:  891     Reply to:   890

H.T. Quang Kham qua? tha^.t la` 1 vi. cho*n tu!!! Ca'm o*n tam kien co chia xe? Tieu su*? na`y cu`ng mo.i ngu*o*`i.
Do`m la.i gu*o*ng ddu*'c ha.nh cu?a nga`i tha^.t kha^m phu.c qua'! Chi? ca^`n ngu? ngo^`i tho^i la` cu~ng kho' kha(n la('m ro^`i pha?i kho^ng ca'c dda.o hu*~u?

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