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Date: Sun Jun 25 17:38:30 2006
Subject:  Gui ban Phan tich & Chi dum / Post 3242 & 3243
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To^i dda^u co' gia? ddie^n gi?a khu`ng bao gio*`, co' va`i ba.n tre^n die^~n dda`n na`y no'i to^i ngu do^'t ddie^n khu`ng, chu+' ai la.i ddi nha^.n mi`nh la` ddie^n khu`ng. Ba.n no'i tu la` thu+.c ha`nh chu+' kho^ng pha?i ly' thuye^'t ma` ca'c ba.n kho^ng lo giu+~ kha^?u y' cho trong, cu+' lo chu+?i bo*'i to^i. Tra? lo*`i hay kho^ng la` quye^`n cu?a ca'c ba.n. Xin ddu+`ng coi nguoi kho^ng tin co' Pha^.t ta'nh la` tha^'p ke'm ho*n mi`nh. Chu+~ Pha^.t ta'nh mo*'i xua^'t hie^.n va`o khoa?ng the^' ky? thu+' 3, thu+' 4 A.D.; ngay ca? Bo^` Ta't Long Tho., nguoi am tu+o*`ng Pha^.t ho.c, cha dde? ra Sunyata-vada (Empiness teaching) co`n kho^ng co' no'i gi` ve^` ca'i Pha^.t ti'nh na`y.
Nam Mo^ Dia Tang Vu+o*ng Bo^` Ta't

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