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Date: Thu Mar 30 17:54:21 2006
Subject:  Gui ban XTH
Post No:  2886    

Ba.n vie^'t, "Ba.n chu*a thu*? thu*.c ta^.p pha'p mo^n Ti.nh ¨¢o^. thi` su*. hie^?u bie^'t cu?a ba.n ve^` Ti.nh ¨¢o^. to^ng cu~ng chi? hoa`n toa`n la` ly' thuye^'t !"
To^i bie^'t ly' thuye^'t va` hie^?u ro~ ca'ch thu+.c ha`nh cu?a Ti.nh ddo^., tuy nhie^n to^i chu+a ta^.p. Pha'p mo^n kho^ng kho', to^i co' kha? na(ng ta^.p ne^'u muo^'n.

Ba.n vie^'t, "Suo^'t kie^'p na`y va` ca? nga`n kie^'p sau nu*~a cu?a ba.n cu~ng se~ kho^ng bao gio*` ti`m ra con ©¢u*o*`ng na`o la` tha`nh co^ng nha^'t, ne^'u nhu* ba.n cu*' ddi ti`m no' o*? ngoa`i ta^m cu?a ba.n !"
Ne^'u ba.n bie^'t to^i ti`m pha'p mo^n ngoa`i ta^m thi` to^i se~ kho^ng tha`nh co^ng, nhu+ va^.y ba.n ne^n chi? to^i pha'p mo^n na`o giu'p to^i ti`m no' o*? trong ta^m. Ne^'u to^i kho^ng hie^?u la^`m thi` hi`nh nhu+ ba.n no'i co' pha'p mo^n (ngoa`i ta^m) giu'p mi`nh ti`m no' o*? trong ta^m.

Ba.n vie^'t, "Ba.n ©¢a~ bie^'t tin ra(`ng lo*`i cu?a To^? ¨¢a.t Ma hoa`n toa`n du*.a va`o su*. gia?ng da.y cu?a ¨¢u*'c Pha^.t, va^.y sao ba.n kho^ng da`nh tho*`i gio*` ti`m hie^?u y' nghi~a cu?a ©¢ Ngo^. Ta'nh Lua^.n a^'y xem to^i ©¢a~ hie^?u sai cho^~ na`o ©¢e^? ma` chi? giu'p cho to^i, hoa(.c la` ©¢o^`ng y' vo*'i to^i tre^n tu*`ng ©¢ie^?m xa'c ©¢i.nh na`o ©¢o', chu*' kho^ng pha?i la` ca'i kho^ng ©¢o^`ng y' vu vo* tuy` ca?m xu'c cu?a ba.n hie^.n tho*`i ! Va? la.i chi'nh TT Ta^'t ¨¢a.t ¨¢a cu~ng ba(`ng tu thie^`n ma` tha`nh Pha^.t, chu*' ©¢a^u pha?i la` do nho*` nie^.m Pha^.t Di-¨¢a` ? "
To^i kho^ng hie^?u ro~ ba`i cu?a To^? Da.t Ma. Ne^'u ba.n hie^?u ro~, xin ba.n chi? to^i ca'ch thu+.c ha`nh du+.a tre^n ca'i ly' thuye^'t ddo' (to^i pha?i la`m nhu+~ng ha`nh ddo^.ng gi`: to.a thie^`n, cu'ng Pha^.t, la`m phu+o*'c, a(n chay...) To^i co' bie^'t Pha^.t Thi'ch Ca tu+. gia'c ngo^. kho^ng tha^`y chi? da^.y. Nga`i gia?ng ra^'t nhie^`u pha'p mo^n ddu+a dde^'n gia'c ngo^. chu+' kho^ng pha?i chi? co' mo^.t. Ne^'u nhu+ chi? co' mo^.t pha'p mo^n Thie^`n, ne^'u ba.n bie^'t xin chi? to^i ca'ch na`o: thie^`n A^n ddo^., Ti'ch Lan, Tha'i, Trung hoa, Nha^.t, Vie^.t Nam, Soto, Rinzai,....

Ba.n vie^'t, "Da^`u sao thi` ba`i vie^'t cu?a to^i reply cho ba.n khuya ho^m qua la` hoa`n toa`n ©¢e^'n tu*` thie^.n y' cu?a to^i ©¢a~ co^' ga('ng ©¢e^? tri`nh ba`y chu't hie^?u bie^'t cu?a to^i ve^` ©¢a.o Pha^.t 1 ca'ch ra^'t tha`nh thu*.c nha(`m ©¢e^? tra? lo*`i cho nghi va^'n cu?a ba.n, va` hy ra(`ng su*. tra? lo*`i a^'y co' the^? ©¢e^'n vo*'i ba.n nhu* 1 phu*o*ng tie^.n nho? ©¢e^? ba.n co' the^? co' the^m du*~ kie^.n ma` tu*. cho.n cho mi`nh 1 pha'p mo^n thi'ch ho*.p ©¢e^? tu ta^.p, chu*' co`n ne^'u ba.n ©¢a~ co' sa(~n nhu*~ng cha^'p tru*o*'c, nhu*~ng ©¢i.nh kie^'n kie^n co^' ro^`i thi` cho du` su*. hie^?u bie^'t va` va(n ta`i die^~n gia?i cu?a to^i co' ta(ng le^n ga^'p tra(m la^`n thi` cu~ng kho' ma` lay chuye^?n ©¢u*o*.c ba.n ©¢e^? ngo' sang ca'i hu*o*'ng nhi`n trung thu*.c va` kha'ch quan !"
To^i ca'm o*n ba.n dda~ da`nh tho*`i gio*` dde^? vie^'t cho to^i. To^i kho^ng co' cha^'p tru+o*'c hay co' nhu+~ng tha`nh kie^'n co^' ddi.nh. To^i chu+a tu ho.c theo pha'p mo^n na`o ca?.

Ba.n vie^'t, "To^i kho^ng co' y' muo^'n tranh lua^.n vo*'i ba.n, chu'c ba.n so*'m kho*?i su*. nie^.m Pha^.t Di ¨¢a` ©¢e^? kho?i bi. lo*~ ma^'t tho*`i gio*` quy' ba'u trong ©¢o*`i so^'ng ba^.n ro^.n cu?a ba.n ..."
To^i kho^ng co' tranh lua^.n vo*'i ba.n va` ta^'t ca?. To^i chi? ti`m to`i ca'c pha'p mo^n hu+~u i'ch cho to^i dde^? to^i lu+.c chon.

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