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Date: Sun Mar 12 19:07:08 2006
Subject:  Gui ban XTH - Post 2774
Post No:  2775    

Ba.n ho?i ba.n Phu'c So*n, "Xin ho?i dda.o hu*~u ra(`ng ca'c tha^`y nhu* Thi'ch -Thanh-Tu*`, Thi'ch-Nha^'t -Ha.nh, Thi'ch-Ti.nh-Tu*` (tu vie^.n Kim So*n CA) mai na`y khi la^m chung co' ca^`u va~ng sanh TPCL kho^ng va^.y ? Ne^'u co' thi` sao ho. kho^ng da.y ca'c dde^. tu*? tu theo Ti.nh DDo^. ngay tu*` ba^y gio*` cho ddu*o*.c vie^.c, ma` la.i co`n ddi da.y cho ha`ng dde^. tu*? ca'ch thoa't kho?i lua^n ho^`i ba(`ng con ddu*o*`ng vu*`a da`i, la.i vu*`a ra^'t kho' kha(n vi` pha?i "va^~y vu`ng bie^?n Gia'o" ( lo*`i cu?a To^? A^'n-Quang ) ? "

Ba'c si~ ta^m ly' kho^ng co' chu+~a be^.nh ung thu+.

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