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Date: Mon Feb 6 16:15:31 2006
Subject:  Gu*?i Ba.n A-Di-DDa-Phat
Post No:  2652     Reply to:   2634

"Nga`i da^.y cho ba.n trong ca'i ca^u nie^.m Pha^.t ddo', tu+. no' co' hu+~u ic'h kho^ng ca^`n pha?i gia?i thi'ch ta.i sao. "

Ca^u nie^.m "Na-Mo^ A-Di-Dda` Pha^.t" kho^ng pha?i do chi'nh Pha^.t Di-Dda` dda~ chi? da.y chu'ng ta nie^.m nhu* va^.y ! Xin ba.n xem ba`i post 2651 ma` to^i dda~ reply cho ba.n Phuc'-So*n, va` xe't la.i ddie^?m na`y dde^? ddu*o*.c minh !


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