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Date: Tue Nov 29 21:19:02 2005
Subject:  To Haha - Post 2400
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## The Buddha specifically said that the path would lead to the end of all suffering. The happiness is only the indirect effect of being free from all suffering. The buddha stated the reason for the path, what the path included, and the benefit of the path. No one needs to guest on these points. The only thing that each of us needs to decide for ourself is whether or not the Buddha was telling us the truth. ##
I suggest we stop speculating about what we've read. We have to examine the facts that we have. We know Shakyamuni found the Path, became the Buddha, and taught the Path; Monks recorded the teachings in the sutras; lots of people follow the Path. Now look at the results, tell me how many people become Buddhas after practicing the Path.

Nam Mo^ Dia Vu+o*ng Bo^` Ta't.

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