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Date: Mon Nov 28 18:26:39 2005
Subject:  To PTDT
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OK. Now show me how to end suffering forever. What do I do during the day from the time I wake up until I go to bed?

Friend PTDT, you are in luck. The Buddha had shown how to end suffering forever. The fourth noble truth is the truth of the path leading to the end of suffering. The path is called the Noble Eightfold Path. The Buddha had promised us that by following this path, we would end all suffering forever. Many have tested the path and found that the Buddha kept his promise. When we path follow the path fully, we will obtain the result the Buddha promised. Many who failed do so because they tried to take shortcuts. A few people can obtain Nirvana by listening to only a few lines of Dharma from the Buddha, just as some people who are like Mozart, who learned to play several instruments and composed music before the age of five. The Noble Eightfold Path is for the rest of us who cannot become enlightened just by listening to the sounds of the world. Whether our goal is to only end our own suffering or to end everyone's suffering, the first thing we should do is ending our own suffering. We cannot help others if we don't know how to even help ourself. We cannot show the way if we don't know the way. All that we need to know about the Noble Eightfold Path can be found by searching the web. Start with the webpages below:

To learn the Noble Eightfold Path, start here:

Anyone with a body, can breath, and has feelings can learn meditation here:

Summary of the main points of the Buddha's teaching is here (highly recommended):

Go to Audio Dhamma Section for valuable Meditation Instructions (4 pages):

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