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Date: Sun Nov 27 17:42:57 2005
Subject:  1 đoạn trích "The Blooming of the Lotus"
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Đây 1 đoạn trích trong bai giảng của TSNH, bạn có thể t́m gặp trên Web LàngMai và nhiều bài khác nữa ; nên để ư tới nghĩa sẽ dễ hiể hỏn là từ chữ ,thí dụ nhu chữ Enlightenment, có người dịch là niết bàn, phật tánh, ngộ tánh...vv nhưng đều đồng một nghĩa .

##The Blooming of the Lotus:

the Nature of No-birth and No-death

................Enlightenment, compassion and understanding should not be abstract ideas -- they should become reality in our daily lives. When you pay attention to your inbreath and outbreath, that is already a form of enlightenment. Breathing in, I know I am breathing in, breathing out I know I am breathing out, and I enjoy my breathing. That is already the beginning of enlightenment. There are so many people who breathe in and breathe out and yet they don’t know that they are breathing in and out. When you breathe in, you know that you are breathing in and you feel that you are alive. And to know that you are alive is a wonderful thing to practice, because so many people live and yet they are not aware that they are alive. To be alive, and to know that you are alive, is the greatest of all miracles. When you sit, breathe in and become aware of the fact that you are still alive. There will some day be a moment when you are about to die, and no matter what you try you will not be able to stand up and sit and enjoy your breathing in and out, and enjoy your mindful walking anymore. And no matter what your friends try to do they will not be able to help you to stand up and make steps like you do during walking meditation. So during the time you sit, or you walk, become aware of the fact that you are alive. To be still alive, and breathing in and out and making steps on this planet is a wonderful thing, and that is already an enlightenment; that enlightenment brings a lot of joy and peace to you.
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