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Date: Sun Nov 27 17:15:25 2005
Subject:  Gui ba.n ba`ng quan - Pha^.t ti'nh/Nie^'t ba`n
Post No:  2377    

To^i cu~ng dda~ ddo.c nhie^`u sa'ch va` ba`i cu?a Tha^`y NH tru+o*'c va` sau khi co' La`ng Mai, nhu+ng thu' tha^.t kho^ng tha^'y co' cuo^'n sa'ch va` ba`i na`o cu?a Tha^`y no'i Pha^.t ti'nh va` Nie^'t ba`n la` gi`. Ne^'u ba.n tha^'y thi` che'p la.i hay "cut and paste" ro^`i post le^n die^~n dda`n na`y cho mo.i nguoi xem.

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