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Date: Sun Nov 27 11:47:16 2005
Subject:  Gui ba.n Phu'c So*n - Post 2365 / Mo.i nguoi
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Thu+a ba.n Phu'c So*n:
Khi ba.n ca`ng no'i nhie^`u ve^` kinh thi` nguoi tu Thie^`n ca`ng ca~i nhie^`u vi` ham ho*n thua, ca~i dde^? tho?a ma~n ca'c ngu~ ua^?n, dde^? remind ho. la` ho. co' ca'i ta^m cha^n ho*n nguoi kha'c. Ho. que^n ma^'t ca'i tie^n chi? cu?a Thie^`n, ho. du`ng logic analysis (LA) dde^? ba'c bo? TPCL. Ho. la^'y kinh Ti.nh ddo^., tri'ch ra ca'i pha^`n ma` no' nguoc la.i vo*'i Thie^`n, xong ro^`i du`ng LA dde^? chu+'ng minh tu+ tu+o*?ng cu?a Ti.nh ddo^. la` sai. Ho. kho^ng co' open mind khi approach Pure Land's ideal nhu+ la` khi approach Thie^`n. Cho ne^n ho. se~ reject ca'c kinh sa'ch na`o ma` no'i dde^'n tu+ tu+o*?ng Ti.nh ddo^. ma` kho^ng ho*.p vo*'i LA; ho. co' pre-conceived notion TPCL la` nonsense.. Bo*?i va^.y to^i mo*'i khuye^n ba.n tri'ch kinh ca`ng i't ca`ng to^'t khi no'i chuye^.n vo*'i ca'c ba.n Thie^`n.
Thu+a mo.i nguoi:
Nguoi Thie^`n lu'c na`o cu~ng no'i dde^'n cha^n ta^m, mindfulness, reject logic, open mind. Nhu+~ng ca'i na`y la` ddie^`u ra^'t to^'t cho ha`nh gi?a ne^'u bie^'t a'p trong mo.i tru+o*`ng ho*.p, chu+' ne^'u no'i ra ma` kho^ng thu+.c ha`nh thi` vo^ bo^?, co' khi co`n thie^.t ha.i nu+~a. Thu+a qui' vi. dda.o Pha^.t co' hai dda(.c ti'nh: tu+` bi va` tri' tue^.; kinh Ti.nh ddo^. nha^'n ma.nh va`o tu+` bi co`n kinh Thie^`n nha('m va`o tri' tue^. Khi du`ng tri' tue^. (LA la` mo^.t pha^`n cu?a tri' tue^.) dde^? ba'c bo? tu+` bi cu?a TPCL thi` kho^ng dduoc chi'nh xa'c cho la('m, co' khi co`n sai, vi` LA kho^ng pha?i la` prajna paramita. Nguoi Thie^`n bie^'t ro~ ddie^`u na`y nhu+ng cu+' la`m bo^. ignore no' dde^? ca~i co. vo*'i Ti.nh ddo^. Nguoi co' tri' tue^. ma` kho^ng co' tu+` bi thi` cha? la`m dduoc gi` hu+~u i'ch cho mi`nh va` cho nguoi; nguoi co' tu+` bi ma` kho^ng tri' tue^. thi` cu~ng the^', but at least we can invite them to our dinner (gio*~n chu't xi'u).

Su+. tu ho.c cu?a Thie^`n co' khuo^n kho^?, co' truye^`n tho^'ng, co' formal training. Thie^`n sinh thi` nhu+ la` nguoi o*? trong ca'i khuo^n, ne^'u kho^ng ti`m ca'ch ddi ra kho?i ca'i khuo^n thi` hay nha^'t cu~ng chi? la` ca'i khuo^n. Khi ta nhi`n la.i ca'c Thie^`n su+ trong qu'a khu+', ne^'u ai co' su+. suy nghi~ kha'c la. (ngoa`i ca'i khuo^n ma` no' chu+'a ho. ) thi` ho. se~ NGO^. va` tro*? tha`nh To^? cu?a Thie^`n. Lu.c To^? Hue^. Na(ng nhi`n ca'i gu+o*ng kha'c vo"i o^ng Tha^`n tu' (vu+o*.t ngoa`i logic), nhi`n gu+o*ng kho^ng tha^'y bu.i ma` tha^'y ta^m. Ne^'u nguoi tu Thie^`n ddi ti`m tu+` bi thi` tha^'y ngay TPCL. TPCL va^~n na(`m giu+o*'i ca'i ao tu+` vo^ thi?, chi? ca^`n nhi`n xuo^'ng vo*'i lo`ng tu+` bi thi` tha^'y no', kho^ng tha^'y no' la` ta.i vi` ca~i lo^.n vo*'i nguoi tu Ti.nh ddo^. chu+ TPCL dda^u pha?i la` kho^ng co'.

Ca'c ba.n tu Thie^`n thi` ra^'t discipline, ra^'t open mind nhu+ng chi? open mind khi approach Thie^`n. Khi ca'c ba.n Thie^`n nhi`n ca'i tu+o*ng Va(n Thu` Su+ Lo*.i trong Thie^`n ddu+o*`ng thi` kho^ng nhi`n ba(`ng logic. Ca'c ba.n Thie^`n tha^'y nguoi Bo^` Ta't ca^`m thanh gu+o*ng cho.c thu?ng tham sa^n si, chu+' kho^ng tha^'y "a crazy guy about to commit suicide". Co`n khi nhi`n Pha^.t Di DDa` thi` kho^ng tha^'y mo^.t Ddu+'c Pha^.t tu+` bi, co' lo*`i nguye^.n da^~n da('t chu'ng sanh ve^` TPCL ma` chi? la` mo^.t object of meditation.

Ca'c ba.n thu+? xem la.i Ba't Nha~ Ba La Ma^.t DDa Ta^m Kinh. Ca'i hay, mo*'i la., interesting cu?a kinh na`y kho^ng pha?i la` tu+ tu+o*?ng ve^` emptiness of ngu~ ua^?n hay la` "ye^'t dde^', ye^'t dde^', ba la ye^'t dde^',...Tu+ tu+o*?ng na`y dda~ co' trong First Noble Truth ma` ddu+'c Pha^.t dda~ gia?ng cho anh em o^ng Kie^`u Tra^`n Nhu+ 500 na(m tru+o*'c khi kinh Ba't Nha~a ddo*`i. Ca'i interesting la` nguoi no'i chuye^.n vo*'i o^ng Xa' Lo*.i Pha^'t trong Ta^m Kinh. A^?n y' cu?a kinh la` ca'i tu+` bi behind ca'i tri' tue^. Ca'c ba.n Thie^`n muo^'n tha^'y TPCL thi` cu+' ba('t chu+o*'c Qua'n Tu+. Ta.i Bo^` Ta't trong Ta^m Kinh ddo', chu+' ddo.c nhu+ con ve.t thi` la`m sao ma` tha^'y dduoc.

Nhi`n la.i cuo^.c ddo*`i cu?a Pha^.t Thi'ch Ca ngo^`i du+o*'i ca^y bo^` dde^` 49 nga`y dde^m kho^ng a(n kho^ng ngu? ma` tha`nh dda.o. Ta thu+? ho?i ta.i sao, vi` Tri' Tue^. Ba't Nha~ hay vi` Tu+` Bi. Ne^'u ca'c ba.n Thie^`n tin la` Prajna Paramita thi` thu? ra dduo*`ng ti`m go^'c ca^y ma` ngo^`i xuo^'ng dde^? kie^?m chu+'ng.

No'i to'm la.i ca'c ba.n Thie^`n "think inside the box" qu'a nhie^`u, thie^'u artistic imagination, boring, cha^'p nga~.


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