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Date: Fri Nov 25 11:02:51 2005
Subject:  Gui Ban PTDT
Post No:  2359     Reply to:   2358

Friend PTDT, I have never tried to persuade you in anything. All my postings are either attempts to answer your questions or suggestions of ways you can go about finding the answers to your own questions. My experiences are enough to answer my own questions and end my doubts, but unfortunate, I currently lack the language skills to express them accurately enough to be of help to you. I apologize. Besides, my experiences can only be of help to those who are still suffering. As a doctor has no value to those who think they are not sick, I cannot help you. You said that you no longer suffer. When there is no Suffering, there is no Nirvana, no Cause of Suffering, no Path leading to Nirvana, no Buddha. However, your posts show that you have not yet fully understood even the first Noble Truth, but, of course, I have no way of proving this to you. Maybe someone else can show you.

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