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Date: Tue Nov 8 08:09:40 2005
Subject:  Gui Than Oi / Nhat Tam Bat Loan
Post No:  2267    

Trong ba`i post 2265 ba.n ba?o Nha^'t ta^m ba^'t loa.n la` Cha'nh nie^.m. Ba.n HL no'i hai ca'i kha'c nhau; xin ddo.c ba`i post 2174 cu?a ba.n HL sau dda^y:
" Nhất tâm bất loạn là nói ve^` ta^m. Ngu?o?`i co' nha^'t ta^m ba^'t loa.n la` ngu?o?`i co' ta^m nhu? nhu? ba^'t ddo^.ng. Khi co' chuye^.n to^'t hay xa^'u xa~y ra vo?'i ho., ho. kho^ng bi. ddau kho^?, ho. kho^ng bi. chi pho^'i bo??i nhu?~ng ca?nh o?? be^n ngoa`i.
Cha'nh nie^.m la` no'i ve^` tri' tue^. Ngu?o?`i co' cha'nh nie^.m la` ngu?o?`i co' kha? na(ng pha^n bie^.t ddu?o?.c ca'i na`o ddu'ng, ca'i na`o sai, ca'i na`o ne^n la`m, ca'i na`o kho^ng ne^n la`m, va` khi nghi~ hay la`m ddie^`u gi`, ho. cu~ng muo^'n ddem la.i lo?.i i'ch cho chu'ng sanh. "

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