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Date: Mon Oct 31 18:53:43 2005
Subject:  Gui ban XTH - Post 2200
Post No:  2202    

## To^i nay na?y ra y' nghi~ la` ddi.nh che^' ra 1 ca'i ma'y dde^? ba'n cho nhu*~ng PT Ti.nh Ddo^. ddeo va`o tay gio^'ng nhu* ddeo ddo^`ng ho^`, ma'y se~ theo do~i nhi.p cu?a ho. 24/24 , chi? ca^`n ngu*`ng nha?y 5 second thi` ma'y se~ tu*. ddo^.ng pha't ra ca^u nie^.m Pha^.t Di-Dda` 10, hoa(.c 100 la^`n (tuy` y' muo^'n) ma` do chi'nh ho. dda~ tha`nh ta^m thu a^m va`o tu*` khi mo*'i mua ma'y ve^` ...To^i muo^'n ho?i dda.o hu*~u ra(`ng ddu*'ng tre^n quan ddie^?m ti'n ngu*o*~ng cu?a 1 PT ti.nh Ddo^. thi` dda.o hu*~u co' nghi~ la` Pha^.t A-Di_Dda` cu~ng va^~n se~ tie^'p da^~n ho. khi nghe ddu*o*.c nhu*~ng ca^u nie^.m thu a^m tru*o*'c cu?a ho. hay kho^ng ? (Nga`i ddu*o*ng nhie^n la` bie^'t ro~ nguye^.n cu?a ho. vi` lu'c na`o ho. cu~ng ddeo chie^'c ma'y tre^n tay, va` bie^'t ddu*o*.c lo`ng tha`nh cu?a ho. nu*~a, vi` ho. se~ pha?i tra? cho to^i i't nha^'t 200-USD dde^? mua ca'i ma'y nie^.m Pha^.t tu*. ddo^.ng lu'c ngu*`ng tim na`y ). Rie^ng ve^` dda.o hu*~u thi` co' chi.u bo? ra $200.00 dde^? mua ma'y ddo' cu?a to^i kho^ng ? ##

To^i kho^ng da'm comment ve^` pha^`n nie^.m Pha^.t trong post 2200 cu?a ba.n vi` kho^ng bie^'t ro~ kinh Di DDa`. Co`n pha^`n che^' ra ca'i ma'y ma` ba'n 200 dollars thi` ho*i dda('t, to^i se~ kho^ng mua. Mi`nh dda^u ca^`n pha?i co' ma'y ddo ddo^.ng dde^? la`m gi` chi? ca^`n la^'y ma'y cassette co' batteries. Tha^u ca^u nie^.m Pha^.t va`o ba(ng, ca('m ddie^.n va`o va` cu+' cho ma'y cha.y. Ne^'u cu'p ddie^.n thi` ma'y va^~n nie^.m Pha^.t vi` co' batteries. Cu+' ha`ng na(m ddu'ng nga`y thi` thay batteries nhu+ la` smoke alarm thi` cha('c a(n.

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