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Date: Fri Oct 21 12:44:24 2005
Subject:  Gui ban Phu+o*'c Lo^.c - Ba`i thu+' hai
Post No:  1982    

Ba`i thu+' hai : hie^?u va` bie^'t

Co' ra^'t nhie^`u kinh sa'ch, ba`i gia?ng no'i ve^` va^'n dde^` na`y. Ho. no'i chi tie^'t, du`ng va(n chu+o*ng bo'ng ba^?y, ddo.c tha^'y thu' vi. ho*n ba`i cu?a to^i. To^i ra'ng no'i ra su+. hie^?u bie^'t cu?a to^i cho ba.n. PMDT chu' nhie^`u ve^` thu+.c ha`nh ne^n to^i ddu+a ra ca^u chuye^.n ma` co' the^? co' tha^.t. Ne^'u ai ho?i ba.n la` tra'i du+a ha^'u no' ra la`m sao, gio^'ng ca'i gi`, ngon kho^ng, thi` ba.n tra? lo*` ra sao? To^i nghi~ la` ba.n se~ no'i no' la` tra'i ca^y, co' tra'i tro`n, co' ca'i ba^`u du.c, lo*'n be'; be^n ngoa`i ma^`u xanh. Ca('t no' ra thi` be^n trong ma^`u ddo?, a(n va`o ngo.t nhu+ ddu+o*`ng. Nguoi na`o ma` nghe ba.n no'i nhu+ the^' thi` nguoi ta se~ la^.p la.i y chang khi nguoi kha'c ho?i ho. vi` ho. hie^?u ca'i ma` ba.n die^~n ta? cho ho. Tha^.t su+. thi` ho. kho^ng bie^'t no' xanh hay ddo? la`m sao, lo*'n be' the^' na`o, ngo.t nhu+ ddu+o*`ng la` co' mu`i vi. gi`. Thay vi` tra? lo*`i cho ho., ba.n bo^? tra'i du+a ha^'u ra ca('t cho ho. mo^.t mie^'ng. Ca(`m le^n a(n va`o la` ho. bie^'t ngay. Mo^.t tho*`i gian sau qua ddi, ne^'u co' ai ho?i ho. a(n du+a ha^'u co' ngon kho^ng thi` ba.n nghi~ la` ho. tra? lo*`i la`m sao? To^i nghi~ la` ho. ddinh ninh trong gia^y la't ro^`i tu+. nhie^n vo^~ tra'n mo^.t ca'i vi` nho*' ra tra'i du+a ha^'u no' ngon nhu+ the^' na`o va` tho^'t le^n "tro*`i o*i ngon la('m". Ho. dda~ bie^'t dduoc tra'i du+a ha^'u.

To'm ta('t la.i la` ta tha^'y co' ba ca'i bie^'t, ca'i bie^'t na`o cu~ng to^'t he^'t nhu+ng co' ca'i to^'t ho*n ca'i kha'c:
1) Bie^'t vi` ho.c tu+` nguoi kha'c. Tha^.t su+. thi` nguoi ta bie^'t chu+' mi`nh kho^ng bie^'t.
2) Kho^ng ai da^.y mi`nh ma` mi`nh bie^'t vi` mi`nh du`ng ly' lua^.n logic. Bie^'t kie^?u na`y ra^'t quan vi` da^y la` cai' cho mi`nh tie^'n tha^n trong xa~ ho^.i; bie^'t dduoc nhie^`u thu+' ma` nguoi kha'c kho^ng bie^'t. Nhu+ng ca'i bie^'t na`y gia?i quye^'t dduoc nhu+~ng va^'n dde^` ma` chi? ddo`i ho?i logic: che^' ra ma'y ddie^.n tu+?, xe ho*i,...Co`n nhu+~ng gi` ma` "go beyond logic" thi` kho^ng gia?i quye^'t dduoc; thi' du. nhu+ nhu+~ng cung an cu?a Thie^`n, mi`nh ddi dda^u sau khi mi`nh che^'t,....Bie^'t ba(`ng logic co' gio*'i ha.n.
3) Bie^'t ba(`ng "Insight", hi`nh nhu+ Thie^`n go.i la` Qua'n. Ne^'u kho^ng ddu'ng xin ca'c ba.n su+a? la.i. Theo su+. hie^?u bie^'t cu?a to^i (co' the^? sai) thi` Ti.nh ddo^. coi ca'i ddo' la` "Ti'n Nguye^.n Ha.nh". Nguoi tu the PMDT ca^`n pha?i co' ca'i na`y.

Xin ta.m bie^.t
Nam Mo^ Dia Vu+o*ng Bo^` Ta't.

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