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Date: Mon Apr 22 20:04:52 2002
Subject:  Nay den Webmaster bi chup mu la Cong San
Post No:  788     Reply to:   786

Nay d-e^'n Webmaster, ngu*o*`i d-a~ cho chu'ng ta co* ho^.i ba`n lua^.n va` ho.c ho?i Pha^.t Pha'p, ngu*o*`i co' co^ng vo*'i Pha^.t Pha'p, la` mo^.t vi. Webmaster ra^'t vo^ tu*, cu~ng bi. chu.p mu~ la` Cong San!

D-o'la` nguye^n nha^n ta.i sao, Atlas muo^'n ta^'t ca? chu'ng ta, nhu*~ng ngu*o*`i con PHA^.T cu`ng nhau la`m trong ha`ng ngu? Ta(ng Ni, d-e^? ca'c Pha^.t Tu*? co' cho^? du*.a vu*~ng cha('c tre^n con d-u*o*`ng ti`m d-e^'n gia'c ngo^..

Nam mo Dai Bi Quan The Am Bo Tat
Nam Mo Dai Nguyen Dia Tang Vuong Bo Tat
Nam Mo Bon Su Thich Ca Mau Ni Phat.

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