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Date: Fri Apr 5 12:39:01 2002
Subject:  Hay Tranh nhung nguoi nay,
Post No:  759    

That ra chung ta khong biet nhung nguoi vao day la Phat Tu thuan thanh hay la khong ? Hoac la ho muon muon trang nha nay de noi nhung chuyen khong hay . Vay thi chung ta hay lam gi ? La khi nao thay ten hoac la nhung tua de thieu lanh manh thi chung ta khong nen lick vao vi nhung nguoi nay khong han la Phat Tu co the ho muon danh ai do de vao day lam chuyen khong hay . Vay chung ta nen can than . Trong nha Phat noi ve nhung nguoi nhu vay luonnoi chuyen doi khong ban chuyen Phat Phap thi chung ta nen mac ke ho.

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