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Date: Thu Jun 28 18:34:02 2007
Subject:  Gui ban Minh Pha'p (3883)
Post No:  3884    

##Gui ban Nghi Van ,P chua thay qua Hinh tuong Bo Tat Pho Hien om nguoi dan ba,
nenP that su khong hieu ro y nghia bieu trung cua Tuong Bo Tat Pho Hien nhu the nao ? Nhung neu nhu ban da thay qua thi se co y nghia bieu trung co hinh tuong Bo Tat Pho Hien .P se co gang hoi qui Thay khi co cau tra loiP se nhan lai voi ban.
Chuc ban hang an tru o hien tai . inh Phap.##
To^i tha^'y tu+o*.ng Pho^? Hie^`n ba'n tre^n ebay ra^'t nhie^`u. Lu'c dda^`u to^i tu+o*?ng la` ngu+o*`i ba'n tu+o*.ng la^`m la^~n vi` PHBT cu+o*~i voi chu+' dda^u co' o^m ngu+o*`i dda`n ba`, sau to^i nghie^n cu+'u ky~ thi` tha^'y ddu'ng nhu+ va^.y. Ba.n co' the^? xem tre^n ebay thi` tha^'y tu+o*.ng.

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