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Date: Wed Feb 25 01:24:18 2009
Subject:  instructionmsg.htm
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##nhung the nao la khuyet diem dangb yeu?khuyet diem khong co gi la dang yeu ca chi co uu diem moi dang yeu. noi tam bay ma cung len gop y lam chan mat nguoin doc.##
Co^ Felicia Nguyen no'i hay nhu+ va^.y ma` ba.n ba?o la`m cha'n ma('t ngu+o*`i ddo.c. Khuye^'t ddie^?m mo*'i dda'ng ye^u chu+' u+u ddie^?m co' gi` dda(.c bie^.t ma` dda'ng ye^u cho ddu+o*.c. U+u ddie^?m thi` dda'ng khen; con co^ Felicia Nguyen thi` dda'ng ye^u.

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