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Date: Wed Mar 22 10:47:11 2006
Subject:  Tha^n Trung A^'m / Gui mo.i nguoi
Post No:  2843    

Ba.n XTH vie^'t cho ba.n Phu'c So*n, "Va` to^i cu~ng chu*a he^` ddu*o*.c ddo.c tha^'y 1 ba`i vie^'t na`o cu?a o^ng dda.o hu*~u PS dde^? tri`nh ba`y chi tie^'t minh vo*'i ca'c PT ma` o^ng thu*o*`ng khuye^'n du. ho. tu ca^`u va~ng sanh TPCL, ba`i vie^'t giu'p cho ho. hie^?u bie^'t tu*o*`ng ta^.n nhu*~ng bu*o*'c chuye^?n bie^'n cu?a Tha^n Trung A^'m tu*` phu't la^m chung cho dde^'n lu'c ddu*o*.c tie^'p da^~n nhu* the^' na`o dde^? ho. co`n co' di.p ne^u nghi va^'n, la`m sa'ng to? va` chua^?n bi. cho ca'i giai ddoa.n dda.i , ma` cha('c cha('n se~ dde^'n vo*'i ta^'t ca? mo.i ngu*o*`i ... "
Ca'c ba.n na`o muo^'n nghie^n cu+'u ve^` Ma^.t to^ng thi` ne^n ddo.c quye^?n sa'ch na`y ne^'u thi'ch. Theo to^i thi` ne^n ddo.c quye^?n "Tibetan Book of the Death" thi` thu' vi. ho*n. To^i thi` ddo.c cho vui va^.y tho^i chu+' to^i chu+a tha^'y su+. lie^n quan ma^.t thie^'t la('m dde^'n nie^.m Pha^.t va` va~ng sanh. Xin ca'c ba.n Ma^.t to^ng tre^n die^~n dda`n na`y co' the^? gia?i thi'ch ro~ ra`ng ho*n cho mo.i nguoi.
Nam Mo^ A Di Da` Pha^.t

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