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Date: Tue Dec 20 19:48:35 2005
Subject:  Gui ban XTH - Post 2475
Post No:  2478    

## Ca?m o*n ba.n dda~ tra? lo*`i nhu*~ng ca^u ho?i ma` to^i ne^u ra, ma(.c du` to^i kho^ng hoa`n toa`n ddo^`ng y' vo*'i ta^'t ca? nhu*~ng ca^u tra? lo*`i cu?a ba.n, nhu*ng ra^'t co' the^? se~ co' nhu*~ng ba.n ddo.c kha'c ddo^`ng y' vo*'i 1 hay vo*'i ta^'t ca? nhu*~ng ca^u tra? lo*`i cu?a ba.n , va` du` sao thi` ca? to^i va` ba.n dde^`u dda~ co' di.p nhi`n la.i va^'n dde^` dde^? pha^n ti'ch va` nha^.n xe't the^m chu*' kho^ng pha?i la` ca'i "vo^.i tin" ma` DDu*'c Bo^?n Su* dda~ co' lo*`i khuye^'n ca'o chu'ng ta : " DDu*`ng vo^.i tin va`o nhu*~ng gi` ma` nhu*~ng pho Kinh sa'ch co^? ghi che'p la.i ...." (Nghi~a la` ddu*`ng vo^.i " y Kinh nha^'t tu*." ) . ##
To^i thi` kho^ng co' y kinh nha^'t tu+., trong kinh thi` pha^`n na`o thuo^.c ve^` nie^`m tin ma` co' the^? tin dduoc thi` to^i tin, co`n pha^`n na`o kho^ng tin dduoc thi` to^i kho^ng tin, co`n pha^`n na`o kho^ng ro~ ra`ng thi` to^i dda(.t ca^u ho?i. Nhu+ng to^i nhi`n to`an die^.n quye^?n kinh, y' ddi.nh ta'c gia? va` ca'i assumption cu?a ta'c gia? khi vie^'t quye^?n kinh ddo'. Mi`nh kho^ng the^? na`o tin quye^?n kinh ma` kho^ng tin ca'i assumption. Ne^'u kho^ng tin ca'i assumption thi` quye^?n kinh vo^ nghi~a. Thi' du. nhu+ tin co' Pha^.t Di DDa`, nie^.m Pha^.t Di DDa` ma` kho^ng cha^'p nha^.n TPCL thi` vo^ ly' (ta'c gia" assumes Pha^.t Di DDa` co' lo`ng tu+` bi ne^n mo*'i ta.o ra TPCL va` y' ddi.nh cu?a ta'c gia? trong quye^?n kinh la` nie^.m Pha^.t Di DDa` se~ dduoc va~ng sanh). No'i ve^` nguo^`n go^'c cu?a kinh Di DDa` thi` to^i tin ta'c gia? vie^'t kinh na`y ta.i Iran, ta'c gi?a bi. a?nh hu+o*?ng cu?a va(n ho'a Iran, nhu+ng no^.i dung va` y' nghi~a cu?a quye^?n kinh chi'nh la` lo*`i cu?a Pha^.t.

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