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Date: Fri Dec 9 14:23:50 2005
Subject:  Gu*?i ba.n MP
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To^i tra? lo*`i vo*'i ba.n PhatDuc ra(`ng :
" PPha^.t Di-DDa` thi` do Ta'nh Kho^ng ma` la.i ."

Chu*~ "Ta'nh Kho^ng " to^i dda~ ca^?n-tha^.n vie^'t hoa (capital) la` bo*?i vi` chu*~ "Kho^ng" a^'y kho^ng pha?i la` ca'i chu*~ "kho^ng" bi`nh thu*o*`ng dde^? ddo^'i dda'p vo*'i chu*~ "co'" trong ddo*`i so^'ng cu?a chu'ng ta , va` cu~ng hoa`n toa`n kho^ng co' nghi~a la` "kho^ng co' Pha^.t Di-Dda`" ! (ba.n la.i hie^?u la^`m 1 ddie^`u quan trong Pha^.t Gia'o nguye^n thi? ! ).
Chu*~ "Kho^ng" vie^'t hoa na`y la` co^'t lo~i cu?a Pha^.t Gia'o nguye^n thi? !
To^i ddang vie^'t nhu*~ng lo*`i na`y tre^n net , tru*o*'c bao nhie^u ngu*o*`i , ke^? ca? ca'c Tha^`y cu~ng co' the^? ddo.c tha^'y thi` kho^ng bao gio*` to^i la.i da.i do^.t bi.a dda(.t ra, va? la.i la`m nhu* va^.y thi` si nghie^.p se~ ra^'t na(.ng, tha` la` do to^i thu*.c su*. hie^?u la^`m ro^`i ddi no'i ba^.y thi` ca'i si nghie^.p a^'y co`n nhe. ho*n chu*' co`n co^' ti`nh tu*. dda(.t ddie^`u ma` ba?o la` Pha^.t Pha'p thi` si nghie^.p se~ na(.ng la('m , to^i kho^ng da'm nhu* the^' !

Ba.n vie^'t : " ddoa.n na`o ba.n thich' hay co' the^? du`ng dde^? ddo^'i dda'p vo*'i ngu*o*`i kha'c thi` no' la` su*. tha^.t tuye^.t ddo^'i . Co`n ne^'u kho^ng thi'ch thi` kho^ng pha?i . "
Va^.y sao ba.n kho^ng tri'ch ngay nhu*~ng Kinh a^'y (dde^`u la` do to^i ho.c ddu*o*.c trong Kinh Kim Cang va` Ba't Nha~) dde^? ma` post le^n dda^y va` ho?i ca'c Tha^`y, hay ca'c thie^.n tri thu*'c xem nhu*~ng ddie^`u a^'y co' pha?i dda~ ddu*o*.c ca'c To^? lie^.t va`o Cha^n-Dde^'(su*. tha^.t tuye^.t ddo^'i) hay kho^ng ? Tinh tha^`n kha'ch quan ho.c ho?i cu?a ba.n dda^u ro^`i ma` la.i tu*. mi`nh cho ra(`ng ngu*o*`i kha'c thie^n le^.ch , dde^? ro^`i cha(?ng ca^`n ti`m hie^?u the^m nu*~a ma` cu*' theo ca'i ta^m nghi rie^ng cu?a mi`nh dde^? ke^'t to^i. ngu*o*`i kha'c, nhu* the^' co' so*. gieo oan cho ngu*o*`i no'i su*. tha^.t hay kho^ng ?


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