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Date: Mon Dec 5 18:42:36 2005
Subject:  Gui ba.n XTH - Post 2422
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## Nghi~a la` ba.n muo^'n no'i ra(`ng to^n chi? cu?a Ti.nh DDo^. kha'c vo*'i to^n chi? cu?a thie^`n ! Nhu* va^.y thi` ba.n nghi~ ngu*o*`i tu thie^`n ne^n nhi`n ca'i y' nghi~a cu?a su*. ba`n ba.c ve^` TPCL theo to^n chi? cu?a ngu*o*`i tu thie^`n, hay theo to^n chi? cu?a ngu*o*`i tu Ti.nh DDo^. dda^y ? ##
Tru+o*'c he^'t to^i xin no'i ro~ to^n chi? to^i du`ng nghi~a la` ca'ch thu+'c va` lo^'i suy nghi~. Mi`nh pha?i du`ng phu+o*ng pha'p suy nghi~ ddu'ng theo ca'i mi`nh dde^` xu+o*'ng. Nguoi tu Thie^`n pha?i du`ng phu+o*ng pha'p Thie^`n dde^` xu+o*'ng khi ba`n ba.c ve^` ta^'t ca? va^'n dde^`; ne^'u kho^ng thi` hypocrites ro^`i co`n gi`.

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