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Date: Tue Nov 29 16:28:34 2005
Subject:  Gui ban VAN TAM / Thi'ch Do^`ng Phuo*'c
Post No:  2395    

To^i tha^'y ba.n ti`m Tha^`y TDP (TTDP) dda~ la^u nhu+ng kho^ng ga(.p dduoc, co' le~ la` TTDP kho^ng muo^'n ga(.p ba.n. Ne^'u ba.n muo^'n ho.c Pha^.t Pha'p thi` kinh sa'ch tre^n trang Web na`y ba.n co' the^? xem. To^i cam ddoan vo*'i ba.n la` sau khi ddo.c xong ba.n se~ better than an average monk. Co`n ne^'u muo^'n co' personal teacher thi` bie^'t bao nhie^u Ta(ng Ni o*? Vie^.t nam. Co`n tha^`y cha^m cu+'u thi` Vie^.t nam cu~ng kho^ng thie^'u. Ba^'m ddo^.n thi` ba.n co' the^? tu+. ho.c. To^i cha('c cha('n la` ba.n se~ ho.c dduoc, kho^ng tin thi` ba.n thu+? ba^'m ddo^.n xem nga`y na`o ba.n ga(.p TTDP.

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