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Date: Fri Nov 25 01:21:44 2005
Subject:  Gui Ban PTDT
Post No:  2357     Reply to:   2356

So what is the relative point of Nirvana? On previous post you said, " Some questions can only be satisfied by meditative observations, not words. " What are those questions and who said so?

Friend PTDT, Nirvana is relative to Suffering. The teaching of the Buddha is about Suffering and its End. Since you, Friend PTDT, no longer suffer, there is reason why we should continue this discussion any longer. Though everything in my posting may not be my own words and ideas, they are mine none the less, because those words and ideas are filtered through my personal bias. Since you, Friend PTDT, do not know me at all, it is best that you should carefully examine these words and ideas before accepting them. Assume everything to be false until there's no doubt that it is Truth.

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