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Date: Wed Nov 23 18:47:19 2005
Subject:  To Haha
Post No:  2347    

You wrote, "My friend PTDT, you said that you know and understand the 4 Noble Truths and wanted to know why you're not in Nirvana. Let me remind you that to truthly know and understand something is to have experiences with it, to examine it in its essence and in its particulars, not just read and think about it. Why do you think the Buddha kept urging Ananda to meditate? With a head full of Sutras, yet Ananda did not become enlightened until he started to do some serious meditations, after the Buddha died. For example, we can't truthly know what is a pizza if we have never seen or tasted it, though we have read about it. Words can never accurately describe experience. Since Nirvana is the third Noble Truth, you should have "seen and tasted" it if you truthly know and understand all 4 Noble Truths. The second Noble Truth is the Truth of the Cause of Suffering. If you know what causes the suffering, stop doing it. If you know that sticking your hand in the fire will cause a painful burn, then don't stick your hand in the fire so you won't get a burn. The fourth Noble Truth is the Truth of the Path Leading to Nirvana. If you want Nirvana, just follow the path of the fourth Noble Truth. It is also called the Noble EightFold Path. You also asked: "am I in Nirvana immediately after I die since I no longer suffer?" I don't know what you mean when you said that you no longer suffer. However, it is clear that you are not entirely free from all suffering. You, at the very least, still suffer from mental agitations. Your mind is not at peace due to some unanswered questions. As to your question, anyone not entered Nirvana while living will be reborned at death. Those that entered Nirvana should have their questions answered already, because the set of skills that is required to obtain Nirvana can be used to satisfy all questions a person may have."

When I said I no longer suffer, I meant after I die I do not react to anything. So I should be in Nirvana because you said Nirvana is cessation from suffering. You also said, "anyone not entered Nirvana while living will be reborned at death." How do you know that? You never experience it. You said, "Let me remind you that to truthly know and understand something is to have experiences with it."

Nam Mo^ Dia Vu+o*ng Bo^` Ta't.

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