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Date: Sat Nov 12 16:12:58 2005
Subject:  Lam Sao Biet / Quan tu tai
Post No:  2296    

Kho^ng ai bie^'t dduoc dda^u, kinh Thie^`n chi? co' Pha^.t mo*'i hie^?u. To^i tha^'y ba.n chu+a tu theo mo^n na`o, ba.n ne^n ddo*.i cho dde^'n khi to^i no'i ra pha'p mo^n Di.a ro^`i ba.n se~ cho.n cu~ng kho^ng muo^.n. Ba.n tha^'y ca'c nguoi tu Thie^`n chu+a, nie^.m Pha^.t Di DDa` ma` ba?o la` kho^ng tin TPCL thi` nie^.m Pha^.t Di DDa` la`m gi`. Mu.c ddi'ch cu?a Pha^.t Di DDa` la` ddu+a chu'ng sanh ve^` TPCL chu+' dda^u pha?i dde^? chu'ng sanh ke^u te^n Nga`i kho*i kho*i ma` kho^ng bie^'t dde^? la`m gi`. Kinh Di DDa` ddo.c ra^'t de^~ hie^?u ma` sao ca'c nguoi tu Thie^`n cu+' la`m bo^. kho^ng tha^'y dduoc TPCL o*? trong ddo'. Hay la` ho. du`ng te^n Pha^.t Di DDa` la`m ca'i "object of meditation". Ne^'u ca^`n ca'i object dde^? concentrate thi` ta.i sao kho^ng du`ng te^n mi`nh cu~ng nhu+ du`ng ho*i tho*? cu?a mi`nh va^.y. To^'t ho*n he^'t la` ho. ne^n nie^.m "Nam Mo^ Lu.c To^? Hue^. Na(ng". Ca'i te^n na`y co`n hay ho*n te^n Pha^.t Di DDa`, co' sa'u chu+~ ho^`ng danh, co' chu+~ Lu.c nu+~a, co' chu+~ To^? (To^? Hue^. Na(ng la` To^? cu?a Thie^`n), co' chu+~ tri' Hue^. ba't nha~, va` co' Na(ng khie^'u (die^.u cu?a Thie^`n) hoa(.c sie^ng Na(ng (lu.c ddo^. ba la ma^.t). It's irony, nhu+ng to^i nghi~ la` vi` ho. so*., ru?i ma` TPCL co' tha^.t thi` co`n go*~ ga.c dduoc vi` co' ke^u te^n Pha^.t Di DDa`. Khi che^'t ddi, tha`nh Pha^.t thi` kho^ng co' ddu? ta`i, ddi TPCL thi` kho^ng dduoc vi` kho^ng co' ca^`u va~ng sanh, Pha^.t Di DDa` vi` lo`ng tu+` bi ne^n muo^'n cu+u' vo*'t cho ne^n kho^ng dde^? ho. tro*? la.i lu.c dda.o. Bo*?i va^.y ho. se~ lu+?ng lo* nhu+ chie^'c la' va`ng mu`a thu, muo^'n na(`m ye^n xuo^'ng dda^'t ma` kho^ng dduoc, cu+' bi. gio' cuo^'n tung le^n tro*`i, ba^.p be^`nh trong kho^ng gian ma~i ma~i, kho^ng bie^'t ddi ve^` dda^u. Don't play game; ne^'u nie^.m Pha^.t Di DDa` thi` ca^`u va~ng sanh cho ro^`i, dda^u co' che^'t cho'c gi`. No'i tha^.t la` muo^'n ddi TPCL cho ro^`i, da^'u la`m gi`. Tuy to^i kho^ng bie^'t TPCL la` gi` nhu+ng to^i tha^'y ca'c ba.n Ti.nh ddo^. ra^'t honest, tin co' Pha^.t Di DDa` va` TPCL. Co`n ca'c ba.n Thie^`n thi` chi? tin co' Pha^.t Di DDa` ma` kho^ng tin TPCL vi` dda~ lo*~ ngo^`i Thie^`n ro^`i, ne^'u ba^y gio*` ma` co' TPCL thi` co`n dda^u nu+~a ma` ngo^`i.

Nam Mo^ Di.a Vu+o*ng Bo^` Ta't.

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