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Date: Mon Oct 31 20:14:30 2005
Subject:  Lam Sao Biet - Post 2204
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Hi`nh nhu+ Nga`i Ananda no'i tie^'ng Magadha chu+' kho^ng pha?i tie^'ng Pali hoa(.c Sankrit. Kinh Theravada truye^`n kha^?u ro^`i sau na`y ghi la.i ba(`ng Pali, kinh Mahayana la` kinh vie^'t ba(`ng tie^'ng Sanskrit chu+' kho^ng co' truye^`n kha^?u. Kho^ng bie^'t ta.i sao kinh vie^'t ba(`ng ddu? thu+' tie^'ng ma` ba?o la` tu+` Nga`i Ananda ghi la.i? Co' the^? la`: gia?, miracle, tha^.t nhu+ng secret, co' quye^?n tha^.t co' quye^?n kho^ng, co' pha^`n tha^.t, co' pha^`n kho^ng,...anything you want to believe is OK.

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