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Date: Sat Oct 22 22:05:54 2005
Subject:  Hatred
Post No:  2023     Reply to:   2020

Long time no hear.
XTH? I hate him? That makes it even then. He hates me. I hate him. Negative with negative makes a positive. We both respect each other. Really.
"Quân tử hòa nhi bất ðồng,
Tiểu nhân ðồng nhi bất hòa"
Reader, which category do you belong to?

PTDT? Do we hate him? No. Are we trying to corner him? Yes.
He first suggested that we should along with him "revive the Ksitigarbha Dharma Door". However, all of his reasons are in contradiction with the words in the sutras. So we kept on questioning him to find out what is going on, where he got such idea, how he compare his ideas with the Ksitigarbha Sutra.
He continued to encourage us to try that dharma door. Phuc Loc then asked him to give a brief synopsis of his belief and of the Ksitigarbha Dharma Door.
PTDT said that he had read about that dharma door in 1992, in a book that he forgot both the title and the author name. I said to myself: how strange, a person who is so gung-ho and well verse about a subject, seems to stumble when other people ask him about the very same subject that he claims to be an expert of.
However, I don't press on it anymore, because I am waiting for his research, in finding the book. At that time, the truth will speak for itself. If he is right, we will all bow and ask for his forgiveness. If he is wrong, he knows what to do of himself.

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