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Date: Mon Aug 19 12:01:51 2002
Subject:  Enlightenment
Post No:  1021    

Since no Buddhist group has responded to the e-mail sent to it by THE BUDDHA, it can only be assumed that the CULT of christianity has succeeded in totally erasing the desire for enlightenment from Earth's memory. If allowed to continue, the evil that is christianity will most assuredly bring out the final war, since christians are the largest,most violent Cult of MURDERERS on Earth. And american christians are the most arrogant,egotistical, greedy, laziest of thr bunch. Since jesus was an identifiable Buddha in two previous incarnations, that would somewhat explain his "resurrection", walking on water, etc. For more on the truth of enlightenment(a journey everyone wiil make in their future,at least once) send questions to [email protected]

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