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Poster:  Thuong Toa Thich Phuoc Minh         Reply   Post Message
Date: Tue Jul 30 01:18:32 2002
Subject:  Chua VietNam
Post No:  1000    

Thua Qui Vi Chu Trang Web nay,

Chung toi la Vien Chu to dinh Thien Binh, thuoc tinh Binh Dinh. Chung toi mong muon duoc dua hinh anh cua to dinh Thien Binh len cai Web side nay thi chung toi phai can lam nhung gi? xin qui vi giup do.

Xin Chan Thanh cam on,
TT Thich Phuoc Minh
Email: [email protected]

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