Equal love to all

One day Devadatta fell ill. Many doctors came to see him but no one could cure him. Buddha went to visit him. One of Buddha's followers asked him, "oh! Buddha, why are you going to help Devadatta ? He had tried to harm you many times. He has even tried to kill you !" And Buddha answered, "There is no reason to be friendly with some people and an enemy to others. All people are equal in that everyone wants happiness and no one likes to be sick and miserable. Therefore, we should have love for everyone." Then he approached Devadatta's bed and said, "if it is true that I love Devadatta, who is always trying to harm me, as much as I love Rahula, my only child, then let my cousin be cured of his sickness !" Immediately Devadatta recovered and was healthy once again.

Buddha turned to his followers and said, "remember a true Buddha helps all beings equally."